The Issues

How are you going to accomplish your goals?

Where do you stand on a tax referendum?

What will you put money first to? School Safety or Teacher Compensation?

What is one solution to make Hillsborough County Schools better?

How are you going to address the shortfall?

Are you in favor of putting guns in the hands of teachers?


What do you plan to do when it comes to disciplining the acceptance and continuation of Charter Schools?

What is your history with teaching?

When it comes to programs, what is your priority?

Do we need new schools or take care of the ones we already have?

If you don't like the School Board, if you get elected to the School Board, how are you going to work with them in order to get things done?

Is the budget public record?

If you're a crusader, will you be able to work with the Board members who want the same thing?

What are concerns about property values?

Thoughts on technology in the classroom? 

How do you plan on facing Juvenile Students? 

How would you go about ensuring the achievement schools equity?

How do you plan on impacting the school to prison pipeline?

What do you mean by Faith, Focus, and Fix?

How has your experience with budgeting prepared you to be a School Board Member?

What is your opinion on how the financial crisis is being handled?


Why are only interested in getting into School Board?

Besides physical challenges, what is the next most critical issue that you would like to address?


What are you doing to convince voters to vote for you?

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